Bookmarklet: Open in New Window

Bookmarklets, also called favlets, are tiny bits of Javascript saved in the “Location” field of a bookmark, and used to perform predefined actions. More specifically, this bookmarklet “pops” the page currently viewed into a new window of its own.

Let’s cut to it now : drag PopItUp to your bookmark bar. Next time you want to reopen the page you are viewing in a new window, simply click on this bookmark and voila!

Nota bene:

  1. You need to allow popups to open in new windows (not tabs), if you use a tab enhancing extension that can capture popups, like Tab Mix Plus.
  2. It will probably be rendered obsolete if / when Firefox 3 supports dragging tabs accross windows or into new windows, but in the meantime it proved usefull a few times (especially when using two monitors).

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